2016 project

WEEK 15 & 16

WEEK 13 - 2016

WEEK 12 - 2016

Here's an album I have pinned in my browser for the past week, after revisiting my old music.

WEEK 11 - 2016

WEEK 9 - 2016

Last week wasn't about anything specific. I had a lot of errands to run, so I mainly took photos of my surroundings, pups & family.

WEEK 8 - 2016

This week was all about exploring the lazy (or got no time for this) side of pixel art. Through photoshop, and messing with images' sizes, I created pixelated version of these images (some 35 mm scans & the rest taken with an iPhone). I'm going through these and I notice some mistakes, that I can definitely fix. For the sake of rawness and giving each day it's piece, I'm keeping them here.

Nonetheless, my favorites are 55 & 56. 

WEEK 7 - 2016

This week was interesting because I literally didn't leave the house and barely left my room.

WEEK 5 & 6 - 2016

The past couple of weeks, I participated in a festival that took away all my time & energy. The good thing about the festival, wasn't only the fact that I got to teach humans some cool art things, but also getting to learn so much about human behaviour in general. Below are snippets of things I wrote on my break or when I got to work early:

  • Part of this new year new me shit was to say yes more often & I think I said yes way too many times.
  • At some point, I needed someone to write a poem about the smiles two strangers give each other when they don't understand each others languages. how they use their hands by picking up and pointing at things, their heads to nod yes etc. These two weeks, I was grateful for raw human interactions. 
  • Our dog had 5 pups and every time I think about this lil family, I cry.
  • My best friends were: sleeping pills, caffeine pills & moov cream. 
  • One of the men I work with was too shy to call me by my name, so he just screamed "AGOOLICH".
  • I realized that its necessary to know nice words in other languages. It makes people feel warm. I used 2 of the Japanese words that I could remember with some of the Japanese tourists & they were over the moon. The mother was all 'Whoa, shokran shokran'. 
  • I read an arabic children's book that was perfect for kids to understand that issok not to be super social & enjoy solitude. I read another one that was about not caring what other people thought of you as long as you were aught with who you are.
  • The places the festival took place was at the Cultural Foundation, the place that made me the person I am now.

WEEK 4 - 2016

Last week, I took my film cameras everywhere and took photos of everything. Sadly, 2 rolls didn't develop (B&W) so it messed up my weekly count. That being said, I'm including photos taken last week and they will be my week 4 entry.

DAYS 22 - 30 

WEEK 3 - 2016

 I found a book I owned for 10 years, and I'm just glad I kept it this long. I remember buying this from Jarir Bookstore (back when they had good books), and it was during Eid. Every Eid, some time was dedicated for me to buy books from Jarir with the dirhams I managed to collect. 

This week started with simple blackout poetry and escalated to something I didn't see coming. Here's a series of trippy af flash fiction. I think this is a great way to express myself in words, since I tried writing poetry/short stories and it just couldn't work out. I also think it's a nice thought, that many poems can be produced by several people if they were given the same page to blackout. 


WEEK 2 - 2016

Week 2 was dedicated to marbling and experimenting with all the different ways it can be accomplished. There were a lot of failed attempts, pieces I wasn't happy with and nice accidents, I included everything because why not.

These were tests I made last year, when I had an exam I didn't want to study for. They also happen to be my introduction to marbling. My sister was nice enough to let me borrow her nail polish, and even though I bought some cheap ones for this, it didn't work. I guess its a hit-and-miss with the nail polish technique. 

These two were created using a kit I bought. The ink is very vibrant, and the colors are very nice. This week was all about experimenting with different methods, and on different canvases/paper.

I see these working in future collages, envelope art, and as bookmarks. Will have to explore marbling using other techniques. However, If there's one thing I learned this week, it would be my lack of imagination when it comes to generating different colors or imaging which colors go well with each other. Will have to study colors, I suppose.

WEEK 1 - 2016

I decided to start my 366 days of creative projects/photographs with recycling old blurry polaroids. I started drawing on them, but then realized I can add a little more by adding glitter.