Abu Dhabi, UAE - 2016

Last week, I rejoiced the fact I had a day to myself to run personal errands and go on a solo adventure. In my first stop, my mother called me and told me to make sure no one leaves the house. When I told her I was already out, she yelled at me to go back home. I calmed her down, and told her the weather was nice, and people were enjoying it and if I notice anything, I'll just drive back home. 

Fast forward to 20 minutes later, and the ladies in the post-office said I'm not allowed to go out till the storm calms down. Honestly, I wasn't even planning on leaving and driving in a situation I've never been on. No reckless Musaffah trainings prepared me for this, so I just stayed. They offered me tea and people kept coming in for shelter. Everyone was on the phone calling their families. I called my mother who was basically laughing and yelling 'I told you so'. I texted my sister that I was stranded in the post-office and she must have some powers (we had a huge argument before I left). My sister called and said I shouldn't do anything crazy, like think I completely got this. 

Shoutout to Dina who has been stalking Dubai's weather ever since Abu Dhabi's storm, because she loves storms and thinks she's part of the X-(wo)men.