WEEK 2 - 2016

Week 2 was dedicated to marbling and experimenting with all the different ways it can be accomplished. There were a lot of failed attempts, pieces I wasn't happy with and nice accidents, I included everything because why not.

These were tests I made last year, when I had an exam I didn't want to study for. They also happen to be my introduction to marbling. My sister was nice enough to let me borrow her nail polish, and even though I bought some cheap ones for this, it didn't work. I guess its a hit-and-miss with the nail polish technique. 

These two were created using a kit I bought. The ink is very vibrant, and the colors are very nice. This week was all about experimenting with different methods, and on different canvases/paper.

I see these working in future collages, envelope art, and as bookmarks. Will have to explore marbling using other techniques. However, If there's one thing I learned this week, it would be my lack of imagination when it comes to generating different colors or imaging which colors go well with each other. Will have to study colors, I suppose.