WEEK 5 & 6 - 2016

The past couple of weeks, I participated in a festival that took away all my time & energy. The good thing about the festival, wasn't only the fact that I got to teach humans some cool art things, but also getting to learn so much about human behaviour in general. Below are snippets of things I wrote on my break or when I got to work early:

  • Part of this new year new me shit was to say yes more often & I think I said yes way too many times.
  • At some point, I needed someone to write a poem about the smiles two strangers give each other when they don't understand each others languages. how they use their hands by picking up and pointing at things, their heads to nod yes etc. These two weeks, I was grateful for raw human interactions. 
  • Our dog had 5 pups and every time I think about this lil family, I cry.
  • My best friends were: sleeping pills, caffeine pills & moov cream. 
  • One of the men I work with was too shy to call me by my name, so he just screamed "AGOOLICH".
  • I realized that its necessary to know nice words in other languages. It makes people feel warm. I used 2 of the Japanese words that I could remember with some of the Japanese tourists & they were over the moon. The mother was all 'Whoa, shokran shokran'. 
  • I read an arabic children's book that was perfect for kids to understand that issok not to be super social & enjoy solitude. I read another one that was about not caring what other people thought of you as long as you were aught with who you are.
  • The places the festival took place was at the Cultural Foundation, the place that made me the person I am now.