I've been a citizen of the internet for a really long time, and by citizen, I mean a disgustingly avid user who wants to learn, and see everything the world wiLD web has to offer. Last year, this changed. I changed. I started going out more, I took up other hobbies, I started creating more, journaling, exploring, & documenting. I don't think I'm as shy as I used to be, but definitely a huge improvement from tearing up in public because a woman said my eyeliner looked good. I say this because, semi-getting over my shyness, was the reason I met & got to know beautiful people, who also like to create, experience and explore. Choosing to constantly surround myself with beauty, wonder, knowledge & incredible humans has been the best thing that happened in 2015. 

Thank you 5 senses, thank you ears' & sound waves for all those collabs, thank you watercolors for making me hold brushes again, thank you japan for your midoris, thank you poetry events for good days that got me through the month , thank you strangers for your smiles & conversations, thank you family for just being, thank you friends (old, new, online & IRL), thank you lovers for your unconditional love & support, thank you cloudy days for the best natural lighting for selfies and thank you torrents for doing what you do & being the reason I'm not completely broke. 

Here's to a new year filled with wonder, kindness, beauty, good company, adventures & knowledge.