WILD20S - a series of tweets that are not wild

I'm in peace with the fact that I'm physically and emotionally incapable of being as wild as I'd like to be, so I started tweeting in the hashtag #wild20s the past couple of years all the non-wild things I've been doing. Here are my favorites.


i just advance searched your @’s to me to make a zine.

i just flinched because i made my hand squish *me* via shadow made from my phone's light.

i'm having skittles for breakfast.

if you want to hangout, meet me at the wathba prison.

earl grey tea & emotional auditions in shows i'll never understand.

my too awake VNs are as awful as my half asleep ones.

i secretly want the fly & the mosquito in my room to smooch whilst tracking out mcdonalds delivery.

honey butter biscuits, chai & major life choices.

that odd state of being hungry, sleepy, sad, & angry all mushed together. i'll just drink water & hope it fades.

can’t wait to tell my doctor that i had cold instant ramen at 12:12 am whilst watching the office in my neon pink wig.

lil joys: cheese on toast and chai.

seriously just want to go home, have sushi while playing uncharted.

first thing i look up to when i wake up is sleeping again.

so in SOMA i had to help a woman die so i can get power to move my shuttle and i started crying.

i watched the office's garage sale episode and i'm not ok but i'm also ok a lot

no offense but with every fucking rejection, i'm learning something completely new. next rejection, adobe illustrator.

productive for one day of the month & sleeping for the rest.

sometimes a good day is all about finding the shade of lipstick you’ve been imagining for quite some time.

earl grey and frustration. miley, whats good.

took some sleeping pills & rewatching the office.

drove a friend to the mall to get an xbox game & i'm wearing a jalabiya, praying scarf, zero make up & almost zero petrol.

i just bought lipstick instead of cleaning my desk.

adding more heaviness to my heart by reading pessoa because what's the point anymore. this is our reality.

a doctor saw a form i filled out and said nice handwriting.

i'm supposed to be working but my desk is a mess i can't deal with so i'll nap instead.

feeling: waking up to zaatar manaqeesh and coffee.

drinking redbull and watching people see color for the first time.

i’ve also been watching people make ramen for the past 3 hours.

I know I would never kill myself but I'm just so ready to not be alive anymore, yaknow.