Bahiya - Abu Dhabi, UAE - 2014
Everyone in the UAE must have dukan memories, whether they walked from their houses/apartments to get candy and chips, or they were treated by a grown up to whatever they fancied.

My mother wasn’t a huge fan of us having junk food, that’s why it was a special treat when we went to my grandparents’. My grandpa would sneak us out a little before sunset and we’d walk to the grocery and he’s pay for everything. Walking back home with that blue plastic bag filled with junk food, marbles, rubber balls and soda is one of my favorite memories.

Every neighborhood has a masjid, boys would perform Friday prayers there (and sometimes all 5 prayers) and girls would also do the same depending on traditions. We usually go pray in the mosque our Eid prayers and Taraweeh.

This is an ongoing series that celebrates two constants in my life.