Abu Dhabi, UAE - 2015 
The company I’m interning in is steps away from this park. I’ve only been there once; it was at night, and a very long time ago in my teens. I definitely don’t remember it being this fresh.

Yesterday morning, I made it to work way too early, and decided to go in. A change of scenery & a desperate need for freshness.

It was around 8 AM, there was no one at the gate and it was open. A stranger told me to just walk in because it was open but I left a dirham with a note, just in case (entry fee).

It was a bit humid, but the air was incredibly fresh. I’m pretty sure I’m not being biased but it physically made me feel better. I settled at a bench, read my book and listened to music. Some humans were there doing their morning walks (mostly mothers pushing strollers whilst simultaneously power-walking). An old couple sat at a bench, with rice & bread for birds/pigeons.

A man in a sharp suit walked around, and it seemed pretty obvious that this must be where all these corporate humans around this park come to? A couple of minutes later, I notice he has a plastic bag, and he was going around the park, looking for humans that water this glorious place, giving them juice boxes & sandwiches for breakfast.

It was one of the nicest things I’ve seen in a long time.

I mentioned my little detour from work to my mother, and she asked me if I remembered this park. She set the scene to 2 decades ago, buildings weren’t as tall, towers weren’t as surreal and a 2 year old would come to this park, and play on the super tiny slides because she was too scared of swings.

Sadly, I couldn’t remember but it definitely sounded like something I would do.


Below, aren’t the best photos but they’re snapchats taken during these glorious refreshing af 2 hours.