Abu Dhabi, UAE - 2016

When my sister found out that I was going to Musaffah, she asked me to pass by the Korean supermarket to get her some ingredients to make BBQ beef. Since she was awake, she said she'd join in, and we can check out a Korean restaurant right next to the supermarket. I've been to 4 different -exclusively- Korean restaurants, and this is by far the best one I've been to. It's very cozy, and everything taste divine. The owner/manager was very nice, and the staff were sweet. They also sold their Kimchi and other appetizers. We bought these dried anchovies (something we never thought we'd like) that were mixed with some sort of sweetish sauce, and they're just incredible. 


Abu Dhabi, UAE - 2016
Taking pictures of places that sell food is proving to be quite difficult. People are not used to other taking pictures of insignificant things, making them think I work for the food control authority. By 10:30 am, I had already told 4 people that I was no one so they can relax. One man asked me, "Do you need anything sister? Can I help you? " "No thanks, I'm taking pictures of this tree that serves as a natural hanger for prayer carpets" "Oh..." 

Anyway, this bakery is in front of my first school (KG - 7th grade). When we were done with parents' teacher meetings, we'd either go get manakish from here, or a happy meal  from Mcdonald's. 


Abu Dhabi, UAE - 2016

If I knew the cultural foundation would shut down, I would have taken all the pictures when I was younger. The past couple of weeks I participated in a festival that took place in this beautiful building. When kids weren't around, I found myself trying to remember everything that happened in this place and relate it to who I am (the person I choose to be). 

I realized that everything that I currently am, started here. My passion for art, cinema, photography, and books; all originated here. 

I watched Lion King, A Bug's life, Toy Story, Star Wars, Ants, Matilda etc here. My mother and grandma used to take us out on Thursdays as a treat. We'd make our own popcorn sometimes, and other times, we'd buy it from the mini-canteen. After a film,  we cross the road for shawarmas & Baskin Robins. My mother remembers the first time I watched something in the cinema, she says I'd always ask about the time. She never got why I did that, till one day, I told her that it was to make sure we can stay longer. 

I attended every single International book fair here. I had my monthly allowance, then I had 'buy books from the book fair' allowance.  

I took drawing, calligraphy and film photography classes here. It was a walking distance away from our apartment and the first time my mother let me walk to alone (this is huge when your mother is paranoid of every single thing around you). I shot & developed my first film roll here. 

I watched plays here. I don't remember many of the plays, but I remember it being a little scary when actors would pop-out of no where and ~interact~ with the audience. 

Pretty sure I attended my first gallery exhibitions here. My mother and I would take our time, looking at the art while my sister ran through the hall. 

These photographs don't do the place any justice, but I tried. Thank you mama and jaddah for every single day you took us to the cultural foundation and for every single fils you spent to make sure we were learning & growing and having a good time.


Abu Dhabi, UAE - 2015
Arthouse cafe hosts one of the raddest spoken word events in Abu Dhabi. I’ve been to the events but I’ve never been here during the day and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a very chill place to hangout in.


Abu Dhabi, UAE - 2015
The first time I've ever been to the Emirates Park Zoo was years ago. I don't remember how old I was, but I remember my little brother being very tiny. It was a small backyard/farm, with a few animals you can pet. I reckon they got funded big-time and bought surrounding lands for this huge expansion. Lovely place (minus the animals being caged part).