MEFCC 2017

Dubai, UAE -  Middle East Film and Comics Convention - 2017

An incredible weekend, spent around incredibly talented, and wonderful humans. This year's comic con, was all about artists supporting each other, sad shows, laughter and a whole bunch of morbid humor. 

Thank you artists, for sharing your work.
Thank you exhibitor neighbors, for being A+.
Thank you strangers, for the rad conversations.
Thank you new friends, for the best weekend.
Thank you geeks, for your kickass cosplays.
Thank you online friends that I got to meet IRL.
Thank you Omar, for reminding me of al the sad af shows, and animes.

Definitely looking forward to experiencing exhibiting again


Phone Photographs


Dubai, UAE - 2016

One of the coolest places I've ever been to. Dina took us to the 'Antiques Museum' in Dubai. It's a ridiculously huge warehouse in Al Qouz. Going through the entire place we had someone with us so we don't get lost because it's designed like a maze. There's everything from furniture, items from around the world, and they do custom work (pins, shirts, caps etc). 

Canon Sure shot 90 U II
Kodak Color - ISO 200


Dubai, UAE - 2016

On this trip, I got to hangout Reem Falaknaz, Layan Attari, and Layla (Reem's cousin). Reem parked her car in Bastakiya and we started walking. I thought the heat and humidity would ruin this for me, but it was one of my top 5 outings this year. Towards the end of the day, we had good food and played a game where we said words that had the letter ق in them. I don't remember how this started, but we kept playing in the cab and the driver joined us. 

Thank you for the nice tour, food, vibes and laughs, ladies. 

iphone photos


I recently bought a Diana mini on impulse, and I was very hesitant to use it because manual cameras were never a good experience.

I'm very happy with how these turned out. I might have half-assed it because I didn't want to feel sad about good pictures not turning out well. It also gave me a chance to go crazy with the options and note how they effect the photographs. What I mostly love about the Diana is it's low-fi-dreamy square photos. They have a nice journaling feel to them. 


Dubai, UAE - 2016

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with the lovely Basma and we hung out all day (granted that most of the time was all of us being lost in Dubai). Amna and I got ingredients to make pancakes at Dina's house. Overall, a very nice chill day that I wish lasted longer.

Very blessed to know incredible women.