MEFCC 2017

Dubai, UAE -  Middle East Film and Comics Convention - 2017

An incredible weekend, spent around incredibly talented, and wonderful humans. This year's comic con, was all about artists supporting each other, sad shows, laughter and a whole bunch of morbid humor. 

Thank you artists, for sharing your work.
Thank you exhibitor neighbors, for being A+.
Thank you strangers, for the rad conversations.
Thank you new friends, for the best weekend.
Thank you geeks, for your kickass cosplays.
Thank you online friends that I got to meet IRL.
Thank you Omar, for reminding me of al the sad af shows, and animes.

Definitely looking forward to experiencing exhibiting again


Phone Photographs


Abu Dhabi, UAE - 2016

I'm still not over my crippling shyness of taking humans' photographs. I asked Mohammad, Arwa and Amna to finish the rest of the film. Results are beautiful. Here's a collection of photos taken by 4 different people. Sadly, most of them were blurry but the rest turned out quite nice. 

Camera: Minolta Freedom iii
Film: Kodak ColorPlus 200


Abu Dhabi, UAE - 2015
This was held in Qasr Al Hosn’s event in the -what used to be- Cultural Foundation. As far as I know, this event is held once every year and celebrate’s the UAE’s traditions in a very authentic pre-modernization way.