Incredible experimental work by brilliant emerging artists in the UAE. 

Note: There are some that I didn't write their names, feel free to comment so I can credit you. Let me know if I mixed up any other names too.


  • Made it through one week of recovery. I'm definitely surprised and pleased that my body is much stronger than I thought it was.
  • Onform Art workshop in Sharjah by Khalid was brilliant!
  • I miss waking up in the morning and being a productive citizen of this earth


  • All pictures were taken via snapchat.
  • Came to the conclusion that I'm a better navigator when I'm alone in the car.
  • I treated myself so hard today, I definitely won't be shopping any time soon.
  • I got a lot of things done, and I'm proud of myself. Good job, self. Thanks, self.


Reorganized my desk to be more realistic (removed the books I was planning on reading this year), efficient and neat. 


I've had this idea for quite sometime now and is partially the reason the new themed issue is 'Memory'. This could possibly be the biggest project I work on and it will definitely be the most personal one. I can't decided if I want them to be lil zines in one package or one bigger zine (almost a book?). Collecting content is important, so I'll start doing that first. 

Made this lil book filled with newsprint for quick drafts and because this could be my go-to drafts notebook, I didn't bind it with staples or stitches and used an elastic ribbon instead. 

The project is basically going to be about people who were part of my very early life and little memories I have about them. I think it's the perfect way to use up all the skills I learned in the past 2 years to create the most nostalgic piece of work. Here are some of the people I'm going to illustrate and write about, with a list of keywords to focus on. 

This is the most excited I've been in months! 

TODAY - 19

Today was an absolute waste of time and energy.


  • Learned something new in the waiting room: Animated pixel art via iPhone. 
  • Told my doctor that the sleeping pills I use are tears, where i cry so much my head hurts and pass out. she thinks i’m charming.
  • I held the elevator for a mother and her kid (KG?). He was treated for something in his eyes, and she was putting his sick leave in his school uniform's pocket, and kept repeating "Show this to your teacher, ok habibi? Don't forget. Yallah, let's go, we need to find a taxi". The kid tiredly nodded. I remembered what my mother went through when we were kids, and my father wasn't around to drive us places. I wish I offered to give them a ride.
  • The tree in front of my favorite Korean restaurant isn't there anymore. 
  • I'm taunted by the amount of unread books that I own, but without hesitation, I set an alarm the moment I saw the book fair's billboard. 


Where migraines began and continued 


My latest sorta huge-long term project, is transforming this space into a small studio. Once it's done, I'll move all my art supplies, desks and hopefully, turn the toilet into a darkroom and get a bigger window in.

 This is so exciting! 

TODAY - 15

A very productive morning. Sent out 30 postcards, after a really long time of promising other humans and backing out because I was terrified I got the addresses wrong, or they'd get lost, or thrown in the trash by someone who's having a bad day etc.


Conversations about horoscopes, intimacy and being a decent person. 


  • Went to Sharjah with Noura today for an exhibition and a used books fair. 
  • Most of the volunteers in the used books' fair were kids and it was so adorable "Would you like me to help you? What books are you looking for?".
  • Bumped into Reem Falaknaz! We have a deep understanding of the butterfly effect. Forreal.
  • So many abandoned books, wish I had the energy to go through everything but the sun was too extra today.
  • Al Haraka Baraka exhibition was brilliant.
  • Nice food with nice company.
  • I don't understand the logic behind Sharjah and Dubai's streets, but the road rage was worth finding this 35 mm films' store. They were very nice and gave us a discount because we got so many. 



  • The clouds did a thing to remind me how blessed I am to know Hayat. Happy Birthday, habibi. 
  • Still very hyped from the Turkish Coffee.
  • Amna and I took at least 10 photos to get the perfect cloud reflection image.